Understanding the Direction of the Brookline-Area Housing Market Trend

In the recent past, the real estate market in Brookline has shown some unprecedented vibrancy with pending sales going up and prices appreciating significantly. So far in in 2016, the spring season turned out to be one of the busiest in years with demands for homes going up and pending sales off the charts.

However, the greatest question experts and homeowners are asking themselves is, which direction are real estate values headed in Brookline and across the Boston area?

Pending Sales

This is an important indicator and a key measure of market activity. It traces homes where buyers and sellers have already signed a sales and purchase agreement, but are yet to officially close. The closure process often takes about a month or two.

Despite the impressive pending sales statistics as recorded in February, homes and condos fell for the first time in a year. This is according to a report done by the Massachusetts Association of Realtors.

According to economics and industry experts, there is a general belief that at some point, market participants are going to start pushing up against the fact that it is quite expensive to purchase a home. At this point, even smaller increases will be palpable and will start deterring potential home buyers.

Reading the Real Estate Numbers

In February 2016, the median price of homes within the pending sales category fell by about 2.3% to $308,750 while condos dropped by 2.8% to average at $285,000. On the contrast, the percentage of pending home sales jumped 75% in February this year compared to how it was last when almost the entire region was buried under snow.

In raw numbers, the 4,521 pending sales recorded in February were the highest since 2004. Condo pending sales were also up by slightly over 61%.

The price projections for 2016 by industry experts is a bit lower for Boston area including Brookline, the argument being in 2015, prices increased by 6 percentage points and as such there is likely to be a lull especially in the second half of the year. That being said, there is a general optimism around spring and this is likely to result into a bump in the prices.

In 2015, home prices fell in some of the exclusive suburbs in Boston such as Concord, Lexington, Sherborn, Lincoln, Weston, and Cohasset. In Belmont, Wellesley, and Winchester, the prices stalled out. The data was gathered by the Warren Group.

What All This Means for the Housing Market

Despite the mixed feelings projected by the market, there are still people who strongly argue that the real estate prices will keep on rising with the fueling factor being the shortage of condos and homes for sale in Brookline and its neighborhoods.

The number of listing has been falling thanks to residential construction lags which have made demand to outstrip supply. January 2016 saw a decline of about 20% compared to the start of 2015. Generally, the projection of experts on the direction of the trend is that prices will continue rising throughout the year until demand and supply come to an nexis point. Lastly when you’re ready to move we have used this company www.tdymoving.com for all are moves and they have been great.

Good luck!


Sampling the Top Eat Out Joints in Brookline

From its laundry list of famous residents such as the Bradys, the Kennedys and the O’Briens, Brookline has gradually transited over the last decade into a bona fide culinary scene. As a diverse and bustling gastronomic destination, Brookline is first growing into a world class must-visit city for all matters food.

In the event you get to Brookline and you are wondering where to pop into for the best treats, read the reviews below and you will never regret having visited this city.

The Brookline Spa

If you are a sandwich fan, this is the best shop to tantalize your taste buds. They are also known for some of the best buffalo chicken and chicken salad served on a bulky roll with lettuce, bacon and tomato. People who exercise oftentimes prefer the Brookline Spa if they want to bulk up.

This joint is also known for its cheeseburger sub which is more or less a regular hamburger with lettuce and American cheese, but stuffed into a massive sub roll. Whenever you are hungry and just want to pig out, this is arguably the best stop on 75 Harvard Street, Brookline.


Located on the Brookline border with Allston, this all vegan ice cream shop is along 481 Cambridge Street, Allston. The ice cream sold here is incredible and its texture and flavors out of this world. You can try out the matcha white chocolate chip or the coconut magic bar. If you are craving for ice cream, FoMu is the go-to shop.

Temptations Café

This is a coffee shop along 1350 Beacon Street, Brookline. Here, they serve fresh made breakfast sandwiches and they also offer George Howell coffee. The breakfast sandwiches served in Temptations Café are basically the standard egg, meat on and cheese, but they usually accommodate lots of variations. For a semi-healthy breakfast, you can go for cheese, egg, tomato, and avocado on multigrain bread. After an early morning run, this is one of the best places to load up on food.

Taberna de Haro

The number 999 is normally an emergency number in most cities and towns, but in Brookline, there is something special on 999 Beacon Street. Taberna arguably has some of the best Spanish tapas in the area. They have a big patio where you can just down your wine during summer. If you love octopus, the grilled version is a special you cannot afford to miss and for a change, you can order whole roasted fish. The owner, Deborah Hansen, makes some incredibly good rustic potato salad to start you out on your meals. For classic Spanish dishes, you can put your money at Taberna de Haro.

Pino’s Pizza

Established in 1962, this is the best pizza house in the city. Their traditional Sicilian with pepperoni or cheese is a favorite to many people in Brookline. Ordering a whole pie or getting one fresh out of the oven will forever remind you of the great culinary of the chefs here. For breakfast, their pepper and egg sub will fight your hunger.

You can sample other joints including Village Smokehouse, Zaftigs Delicatessen, and Publik House.



Innovative Startups in Brookline and Its Neighborhood

Boston is home to top of the world universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard. Together with programs such as Mass Challenge, TechStars Boston, and Startup Institute Boston, this area is guaranteed some of the most innovative ideas and top minds geared up to drive the startup scene skywards. Looking at the big name companies such as Trip Advisor, Zipcar, and Carbonite, you can hardly doubt the effectiveness and potential of entrepreneurship mentoring programs in Brookline and the larger Boston.

The following are some of the startups that are poised to take over their respective industries in the near future.

Rethink Robotics

This startup was founded by Rodney Brooks in 2008. The concept upon which it is based is in manufacturing affordable industrial robots that can do a number of tasks and work safely alongside humans. Baxter, its first robot, can handle materials, inspect and test parts, pack and unpack boxes, load and unload items from conveyer belts, and operate machines.

This company is aiming to make America very competitive by reducing the cost of manufacturing processes and techniques. So far, it has attracted $ 62 million worth of funding from Sigma Partners, Charles River Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Bezos Expeditions, and Draper Fisher Jurvetson.


This business was founded in 2010, but officially launched in 2012. Spindle is a concept brought together by its founders who are Alex Lambert, Simon Yun, and Pat Kinsell. The basic idea of Spindle is to pull in real time information from businesses through a location discovery app. It reinvents the way we search for things around us by offering customized searches for places with special events or only offering deals at the time. So far, this startup has attracted $ 2.3 million in funding from partners such as Lerer Ventures, Atlas Venture, SV Angel, Project 11 Ventures, Greylock Partners, and Polaris Partners.


This startup founded by Daniel Choi and Eliot Buchanan in 2010, aims at making it easier for merchants to accept payments through credit cards online. The credit card processing tools it has come up with are targeted at government entities, property owners, universities, and other merchant types. Already, the company has partnered with Mt. Royal University, University of Alberta as well as H & R Block Canada for income tax payment.


This company founded by Christine Gutierrez and Jessica Kim in 2007, aims at delivering monthly boxes of activities for parents to interact with their kids. The kids targeted are those between the ages of 3 to 6. Already, the company has made its way into the hands of a number of celebrities amongst them Tori Spelling, Jennifer Garner, Ashlee Simpson, and Jessica Alba. It has also attracted $1.23 million in funding.

Recorded Future

This company is premised on helping people predict future trends. It was started by Christopher Ahlberg in 2009. The company has mechanisms for capturing and compiling data from Twitter, news articles, and SEC filings among other sources. So far, $20.9 million has been raised to fund the business.

Other startups top look out for include Formlabs, Bow & Drape, Ubersense, Yesware, and CustomMade.



A Review of The Country Club at Brookline

Nestled on 236 acres of land, The Country Club which is ranked at number 33 in the world was established in 1882 first as an equestrian and social club and later in 1893 golf was introduced. This club which is a major supporter of amateur level golf is one of the clubs that founded the United States Golf Association (USGA). To date, The Country Club which has approximately 1,300 members has played host to 16 USGA competitions amongst them 6 USGA Amateurs and 3 US Opens.

Other facilities provided at The Country Club include indoor tennis courts, paddle and squash courts, outdoor tennis courts, skeet shooting, hockey, skating, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

An Overview of Brookline

In the 19th century, Brookline was described as the richest town in America. It is a leafy suburb which is surrounded on three sides by the city of Boston. As you drive around Brookline, the mansions that were built long ago are still visible to date. Brookline also boasts of some great names including John F. Kennedy who was born here.

The Country Club is surrounded by fences on all sides and a tree lined entry driveway leads you to the main entrance a couple hundred feet away. The club house is one of the most beautiful in the golf world fitting perfectly into the serene landscape thanks to its beautiful ochre color. Because of the facilities mentioned above, this is a destination for all sorts of sports and a beehive of activity all through the day.

The Golfing Course

Both amateur and veteran golfers have labeled the course here as one of the most varied routing they have ever set their eyes on. It carefully follows the contours of the land and stealthily meanders its way round the property. A number of people are credited with the designing of the course amongst them Willie Campbell, William Flynn, Rees Jones, and Geoff Cornish.

One of the most distinguished features that you will encounter as you go along the course is glacial rock formations into which holes are routed through and around. One of the famous ones is the par-five-eleventh hole named the Himalayas.

The terrain for the 18 holes is a bit hilly, but not a very difficult course to walk. The third hole has a blind second shot to the green.

The course also has a Redan hole which plays from an elevated tee downhill and measures only 130 yards. Although not considered as a typical or traditional Redan hole, it is very good and guarded by a plethora of bunkers ahead.

The 17th hole is considered the most historic in the game. This is because it is where Francis Ouimet won the playoff while competing against Harry Vardon and Ted Ray in 1913. It is also the same spot where Justin Leonard made his memorable putt in the 1999 Ryder Cup.

The entire course is actually 27 holes, but the 18-hole course is the one that is played on daily while the 9-hole is a primrose course.