Sampling the Top Eat Out Joints in Brookline

From its laundry list of famous residents such as the Bradys, the Kennedys and the O’Briens, Brookline has gradually transited over the last decade into a bona fide culinary scene. As a diverse and bustling gastronomic destination, Brookline is first growing into a world class must-visit city for all matters food.

In the event you get to Brookline and you are wondering where to pop into for the best treats, read the reviews below and you will never regret having visited this city.

The Brookline Spa

If you are a sandwich fan, this is the best shop to tantalize your taste buds. They are also known for some of the best buffalo chicken and chicken salad served on a bulky roll with lettuce, bacon and tomato. People who exercise oftentimes prefer the Brookline Spa if they want to bulk up.

This joint is also known for its cheeseburger sub which is more or less a regular hamburger with lettuce and American cheese, but stuffed into a massive sub roll. Whenever you are hungry and just want to pig out, this is arguably the best stop on 75 Harvard Street, Brookline.


Located on the Brookline border with Allston, this all vegan ice cream shop is along 481 Cambridge Street, Allston. The ice cream sold here is incredible and its texture and flavors out of this world. You can try out the matcha white chocolate chip or the coconut magic bar. If you are craving for ice cream, FoMu is the go-to shop.

Temptations Café

This is a coffee shop along 1350 Beacon Street, Brookline. Here, they serve fresh made breakfast sandwiches and they also offer George Howell coffee. The breakfast sandwiches served in Temptations Café are basically the standard egg, meat on and cheese, but they usually accommodate lots of variations. For a semi-healthy breakfast, you can go for cheese, egg, tomato, and avocado on multigrain bread. After an early morning run, this is one of the best places to load up on food.

Taberna de Haro

The number 999 is normally an emergency number in most cities and towns, but in Brookline, there is something special on 999 Beacon Street. Taberna arguably has some of the best Spanish tapas in the area. They have a big patio where you can just down your wine during summer. If you love octopus, the grilled version is a special you cannot afford to miss and for a change, you can order whole roasted fish. The owner, Deborah Hansen, makes some incredibly good rustic potato salad to start you out on your meals. For classic Spanish dishes, you can put your money at Taberna de Haro.

Pino’s Pizza

Established in 1962, this is the best pizza house in the city. Their traditional Sicilian with pepperoni or cheese is a favorite to many people in Brookline. Ordering a whole pie or getting one fresh out of the oven will forever remind you of the great culinary of the chefs here. For breakfast, their pepper and egg sub will fight your hunger.

You can sample other joints including Village Smokehouse, Zaftigs Delicatessen, and Publik House.